Heat Wave

Record-Breaking Heat

As the weather was forecasted, Seattle is breaking all previous records for hot temperatures. 

Here on Whidbey Island, with our house on waterfront property, the temperature is about ten degrees cooler than the rest of Seattle. That said, the temperature at our house got to 90 degrees today, and without AC, it definitely feels HOT.

Seattle reported record-breaking highs today of 107 degrees. Portland’s high was 112. Tomorrow is predicted to be HOTTER as high as 120 degrees in some places.

Dad’s concept of putting fans in the windows or doors one blowing in and one out helped a lot. But as the day progressed, when the temps reached 90, the fans only blew in hot air.

The good news is the temps are predicted to cool down enough tonight we should be able to sleep.

So what’s the temperature where you’re at? And, how are you getting relief from the heat? Chime in because all this blog’s readers want to know–and me!

Try to stay cool. Here’s an “oldie but goodie,” by Linda Rondstadt.


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1 thought on “Heat Wave”

  1. 1) we’re living in an Airbnb mother in law so being in the basement of a large house is the next best thing to AC
    2) we’re not opening the windows as it lets the hot air in; we have two fans blowing all day and night
    3) wearing as little as possible during this time
    4)swimming at the local outdoor pool in magnolia when it’s open
    5)trying not to use the word ‘hot’ in my vocabulary
    6) drinking lots of fluids day and night and not necessarily beer or wine!


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