Off on another train adventure

It’s been a year since we visited New Orleans via Amtrak. Riding on Amtrak was as much a part of the adventure as visiting the Big Easy.

Today, we’re boarding The Empire Builder to Chicago. It follows a northern route across Montana, Idaho, the Dakotas until it turns south and terminates in Cicago

There we will board a passenger train to St. Louis, Missouri. That’s my hometown. We’re going to visit my elderly mother. We haven’t seen her since before COVID-19.

A lot has happened in the two and one half years. My parents moved into an independent living apartment only to have my father die within a year. The COVID vaccine wasn’t available yet so we had to miss Dad’s funeral. Since then Mom’s health has declined. It seems like she spends more time at my sister’s home than her apartment.

So, the reason for our train trip is to visit my mom.

More tomorrow about why I enjoy traveling by train.

1 thought on “Off on another train adventure”

  1. Well, I was going to wish you a fun trip, until I got further down into your post. COVID is horrible and I am sorry to hear that it kept you from your father’s funeral. (Hopefully it was not his cause of death as well.) Enjoy what you can of the trip. Your mom will be so happy to see you.


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