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For more than a year, I’ve served as curator and editor for Selah Center‘s blog “Here & Now.” For the next six weeks until Easter, I’ll be working full time there curating and editing that blog for a special series “Here & Now, A Contemplative’s Journey.” So while you won’t necessarily be hearing from me as The Write Stuff you can ponder and enjoy this contemplative blog. I hope you enjoy the Here & Now blog on WordPress.

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Here & Now

An Invitation to Pause, Encounter, and Grow together.

  • by Debora Ragland Buerk
    To wrap up this fifth week of Advent, here are Howard Thurman's thoughts on the singing of angels. It's an excerpt from Selah Center's book, "Reflections: A Journey through Lent into Easter." Get your copy now. This is the 28th day of Lent. –D.B., Editor… Continue reading The Singing of Angels. →
  • by directorselah
    For Lent Day 27, Mary Pandiani shares some of the writings from a recent Gig Harbor Gathering Hub called Collects style poetry. Learn more about Gathering Hubs.… Continue reading Collects-style Prayers. →
  • by Beth Griffith
    "Woman, why do you weep? Who are you looking for?" asks Jesus in John 20:11-15. Today Beth Griffith writes an imaginative response from Mary's POV. This is the 26th day of Lent.… Continue reading Why Do You Weep? →
  • by Debora Ragland Buerk
    In Memoriam. We remember Steve McPhail, who passed last week. And, a poem entitled "For Collective Grief."–Debora Buerk, Editor… Continue reading In Memoriam. →
  • by listening2gether
    Inspired by Numbers 6:24-26, Sherry Roscoe offers this poem, "After Weeks of Snow, Rain. & Ice." This is Day 24 of Lent.… Continue reading After Weeks of Snow, Ice, and Rain. →
  • by cristóbal
    Lent Day 23. As we continue to mourn Steve McPhail, Chris Ball shares one of his indescribable poems. He takes complex concepts such as Pneuma and weaves poetry through them. Thanks, Chris. … Continue reading Pneuma. In Memoriam. →
  • by Debora Ragland Buerk
    Lent Day 22. As we remember Steve McPhail, take hope in today's post from 1 Peter 1:3 an excerpt from "Reflections: A Journey through Lent into Easter." … Continue reading Living Hope & In Memoriam. →
  • by debbt
    Lent Day 21. Take an imaginary walk with Selah Companion Debbie Tripp, through her poem "Truth." And we offer an Irish Blessing in honor of the day.–D.B. editor… Continue reading Truth. →
  • by Beth Griffith
    Beth Griffith was inspired to write today's poem from a photo she took in the Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada. May you be inspired as well on this 20th day of Lent.… Continue reading Divine Embrace. →
  • by directorselah
    "For Lent," writes Mary Pandiani, "I’m on a journey to become more acquainted with Jesus. Someone I’ve grown up with all my life, yet I’m often blind to how Jesus shows up as a human with whom I can relate." See how Mary recalls a memory to help her on her quest. Enjoy reading the […]

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Kairos Online

Online Every Friday from 10-11am
on Zoom

Coming together online each week, the community of Kairos provides a unique contemplative experience with a spiritual practice and breakout group that shares the time through silence, art, music, and teaching. Kairos opens up space to encounter the Spirit, one another, and oneself through God’s inviting presence.

  • one hour contemplative gathering (online)
  • free and come anytime
  • Fridays, 10am with a zoom link invite

On the Selah Center website, search “Kairos” in the Events Calendar for the next Kairos event.

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Looking at life from a different POV.

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