Celebrating During COVID

Happy Valentine’s Anniversary, Sweetheart

This week marked our forty-first wedding anniversary. I have often said that the key to a long and happy marriage was to “play long” like the stock market — it proved true for me again.

I opened my email Monday morning to find an urgent message from the pastor at the church we worship at on Whidbey Island. It seems that a church member in attendance the day before for Sunday worship has COVID-19. The pastor needed to tell the congregation to take precautionary steps immediately.

God has such a sense of irony.

Larry was at church on Sunday working with the AV team so he’s been potentially exposed (although he was wearing a mask and he’s had all his shots.) At first, we thought, oh, well, we’ll schedule a COVID-19 test for Friday to be safe.

Then it occurred to us that we needed to stay in isolation. Okay, we’ll have to cancel some appointments this week. And, oh no, our romantic dinner reservations in La Connor to celebrate our forty-first Valentine Wedding Anniversary. Bummer.

As the morning went on, we thought of more and more things that had to be canceled or postponed until we got the all-clear from the tests.

And then the boom of irony was lowered.

We have to cancel our train trip to St. Louis to see my mother. The first time I will have seen her since before the pandemic began. I had to miss my father’s funeral because the vaccine wasn’t available yet.

God, you are such a joker. Or, is it the joke is on me?

Oh well. Que sera, sera.

For our valentine’s anniversary dinner, we drove through DQ and ate in our cars. Mmm, those hot fudge sundaes are still yummy delicious. Eating take-out in our car — reliving the memories of the early years — the cherry on the sundae perhaps.

Debora Ragland Buerk
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