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Here & Now

An invitation to Pause, Encounter, and Grow together.

For more than a year, I’ve served as curator and editor for Selah Center‘s blog “Here & Now.” I’m pleased to share with you the best creative contemplative writing in the Pacific Northwest (not that I’m proud or anything.) Enjoy!

Debora Ragland Buerk
The Write Stuff
Looking at life from a different POV.


Here & Now

An invitation to Pause, Encounter, and Grow Together.
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  • by listening2gether
    Sherry Roscoe shares a contemplative poem.… Continue reading Living Poem. →
  • by directorselah
    Selah Center Executive Director shares an contemplative essay for Memorial Day.… Continue reading Memorial Day. →
  • by cwaple
    Cindy Waple shares this poem composed during the Selah Life Flow Retreat in Sedona, Arizona. … Continue reading Try Softer. →
  • by Debora Ragland Buerk
    "A Veriditas Prayer" by Hildegard von Bingen. … Continue reading A Veriditas Prayer. →
  • by SelahCenter
    Today we can ponder a quote by Abraham Joshua Heschel a Polish-born American rabbi and his thoughts on silence.… Continue reading The Silence of Awe. →
  • by John Kiemele
    John Kiemele offers this tender poem.… Continue reading So Glad. →
  • by cristóbal
    Chris Ball shares on of his contemplative poems with Here & Now.… Continue reading On the Grind →
  • by Lorina Meade
    Inspired by a Kairos Morning on The Lord's Prayer, Lorina Meade offers this prayer.… Continue reading Take All My Pieces. →
  • by Wendy Bryant
    I think Haikus are challenging to write. But Selah Companion understands the art of Haiku and offers us one for today. –D.B. Editor… Continue reading Haiku. →
  • by Debora Ragland Buerk
    At long last, Lent is over, and Easter has arrived. The tomb is empty! Thank you to all the writers for the Lent and Easter series. Rejoice! –Debora Buerk, Editor… Continue reading EASTER. →

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Debora Ragland Buerk
The Write Stuff
Looking at life from a different POV.

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