A tiny love story.

On finding our cat, or did the cat find us?

I was in the second grade when my parents took us to the Humane Society. We wandered from cage to cage, looking first at the dogs and then the cats. One cat seemed friendly and curious. He pressed his face against the cage and, with tiny meows, begged for attention. “Hey, look at me! I’m cute. You’ll love me.”

We all purred in contentment.

Years later I learned it wasn’t love on first sight for the cat. No, he was drawn to the cod liver oil in the Desitin cream my sister had on.

We had gone fishing for a pet and caught a cat.

Debora Ragland Buerk
The Write Stuff
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Tiny Love Stories

True Tales of Love in 100 Words or Less.

From the editors of New York Times Love Column.

Here are 175 true stories—honest, funny, tender and wise—each as moving as a lyric poem, all told in no more than one hundred words. An electrician lights up a woman’s life, a sister longs for her homeless brother, strangers dream of what might have been. Love lost, found and reclaimed. Love that’s romantic, familial, platonic and unexpected. Most of all, these stories celebrate love as it exists in real life: a silly remark that leads to a lifetime together, a father who struggles to remember his son, ordinary moments that burn bright.

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