Riding the Rails

I enjoy riding the train. Yes, it takes longer to get to my destination over flying and that’s what I enjoy. There’s no WiFi so I’m forced to unplug. I’m writing this post from the Amtrak lounge waiting for our next train, the Empire Builder that runs between Chicago and Seattle.

We elect to stay in the sleeping car in a roomette. In addition to having beds at night, it’s private accommodations so I can continue to limit my exposure to COVID-19. (Despite being fully vaccinated and boosted, I’m still a bit paranoid.)

Traveling in the sleeping car is traveling in style. All meals are included in a first class only dining car or the room attendant will deliver your meal to your room. First class has lots of amenities so it’s well worth while. Besides, who wants to be in coach for two nights?

The train that takes us from Chicago to Seattle is the historic Empire Builder. More about that later.

Debora Ragland Buerk
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