Hooray! The Heat Wave has Passed

Ah-h, that’s the sound of relief

For Seattleites, the change in the weather calls for a “stop the presses!” “Ring the AP Wire Service bells!” “This calls for a banner headline!” The pressure system has changed, and temperatures dropped nearly 30 degrees overnight in the greater Seattle area. 

The highs today were back to Pacific Northwest dreamy.

  • Coupeville, Whidbey Island – 68 
  • Seattle – 74
  • Sammamish – 75
  • Portland – 76
  • Olympia – 71

I shall not complain about needing a sweater this morning. 

Thank you, dear readers, for sending your cool thoughts Seattle’s way. They are received with gratitude. 

Photo by Eric Zhang on Unsplash

To air condition or not to air condition, that is the question now.

Apologies to William Shakespeare, et al. Was this really a freak of nature or a harbinger of future global warming? As for our house, we’ve not made a decision. Although Larry is considering having a portable AC unit on hand like we have the generator for winter storms. I’ll let you know whether it’s plan a) portable AC, or b) central AC.

I cannot tarry–I’m posting this quickly and late in the evening. During the heatwave, I was such a grump I didn’t have the energy or motivation to work. Now that the cooler weather has returned, I see how much is on my to-do list this week that I just started on today (you slacker, Debora). So I’m devoting the rest of my week to working like a fiend to get caught up (yeah, yeah, I know my work is pro bono but still…)

Sweet dreams Seattle. You might even pull the covers up tonight.

P.S. There’s a small craft advisory (wind) for tonight in the Admiralty Inlet and the San Juan Islands. Yes, Seattle, we’re back to “normal.”

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