Excerpt from New Book: Wondrous Light

I received my hardcover of Wondrous Light yesterday. It looks like a coffee table book.

I thought I’d share an excerpt from the book today to give you a taste of what’s inside this 140-page book.

Photo by Moody Walk on Unsplash.com

Candle Light

By Lisa Veitenhans

The afternoon sun fades shadows to shadows

No electricity to brighten the late day.

Collect the candles.

Strike the matches. 

How feeble they look in the deepening gloom!

Moment by moment the shadows reach their depth and disappear

Branches against the sky no longer seen.

Back toward the house, 

My candles!

Alive in the darkness.

With welcoming warmth, 

Long leaps of light dance against the walls.

What could not be seen in half-light

Came alive in the night.

After the gloomy shadows,

In the pure darkness—

Light! Leaping about laughing.


True hope to celebrate—and share!

Cover photograph by Benjamin Muntz on Unsplash.com

Are you longing to reconnect with the true spirit and essence of Christmas?

Through reflections on scripture from the Revised Standard Lectionary, creative writings, and light-filled, inspiring photography, Wondrous Light guides us through the Advent season, preparing our hearts to deeply celebrate Christ’s birth. The centerpieces of Wondrous Light are the personal reflections, poetry and art contributed by Selah community members which encourage us to contemplate God’s purpose, impact, and action in our lives and the world, during this season and far beyond.

Wondrous Light is published by Selah Center

Wondrous Light is published by the SelahCenter.org a welcoming community based in Washington state, that pauses, encounters the Spirit through contemplative practices, and grows together toward wholeness and loving others. 

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You can learn more about Selah, its principles and its programs at selahcenter.org. But, you can experience Selah through Kairos. Every Friday morning at 10 a.m., we spend an hour of contemplation in community whereby we pause, encounter the Spirit through contemplative practices, and grow together towards wholeness and loving others. It’s a drop-in time whereby you’ll have an opportunity for break-out groups or personal quiet after some teaching and exploration. Join us by contacting info@selahcenter.org to get the link to our Zoom time. Kairos is open to all without a fee.

Wondrous Light is available now on Amazon.com in paperback, hardcover, and Kindle.

The size and design make Wondrous Light a book you’ll want to display on your coffee table. So don’t delay in ordering your copy so you can enjoy it throughout the Advent and Christmas seasons for years to come.

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