Dare to Improve Your Legacy


Dare to Improve Your Legacy

A Story of Continuous Improvement within a Family-Owned Business

By Paul N.Brauss IE,MBA (Author), Debora Ragland Buerk (Editor) © 2020.

This story is a combination of experiences…

Rolled into one story about a second-generation owner faced with the decision options he has for the third generation that could change the course of a company or cash in on the current value to preserve what he can. Often these business owners believe the third generation does not share the same desires that moved the company forward for the previous generations. Generation one and Generation two often feel the current generation believes the next is not ready to take on the responsibility, perhaps realizing they have not helped them prepare! Too many things go unsaid between them.

This book represents first-hand experiences of owners I’ve worked with over the years. I’ve built a story that combines all of the elements to demonstrate the path and way forward! These fictional characters come together to form a legacy that surprises them all.

Business owners and CEOs are looking for management tools to help prepare their leadership teams and employees for the future and with impending ownership transition. In Dare to Improve Your Legacy, Author and Continuous Improvement Consultant Paul N. Brauss, I, MBA, provides a straightforward approach to building a management system – one that engages participation from every level of the organization and encourages
multi-generational involvement as a sustainable way to guide a company.

Dare to Improve Your Legacy is a compelling story set in the printing industry, profiles one family’s challenges with their business and how Brauss provided a proven path for helping both family and non-family leadership members, management teams, and operators in the organization.

  • New in the second edition:
  • Sample photos, metrics charts and equations
  • Glossary and Index
  • Plus wider margins for note-taking.

About the Author

Many executives discovered continuous improvement methods years ago, but sustaining the initiatives has proven elusive. Paul N. Brauss, IE, MBA, has championed company transformations focused on the primary elements that build on continuous improvement techniques.

As a leader and consultant, Brauss has aligned company focus around business process improvement, key driving metrics, and gaining involvement at every level of the organization. Brauss has used this approach of sustained improvement in companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500s, in printing, machine building, fabrication, and software development.

The book is available in paperback. Purchase on Amazon.com.

Happy Reading!

Debora Ragland Buerk
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