We Are Selah: The Prolegomena


We Are Selah

The Prolegomena

Published by Selah Center (Authors), Debora Ragland Buerk (Editor), Mary Pandiani (Executive Director), and Andrew Larsen (Photography) © 2022.


We Are Selah explores through beautiful images and words – contemplative living, generous listening, community, and love in action. These are the reflections of Selah’s hopes. Given as gift and grace by God, these beacons guide us in a contemplative life with the invitation to pause, encounter, and grow together.

Selah is a welcoming community rooted and grounded in love, shaped within the Christian tradition while accompanying those who wander through other faith expressions. Selah encourages those who seek spiritual companionship on the journey of life.

We Are Selah describes the Selah community located in the Pacific Northwest, journeying as companions. SELAH joins a growing international movement centered on contemplating living.


Selah is a dispersed community in the Pacific Northwest.The Center offers classes, contemplative spiritual practices, and small groups that meet in person and on Zoom.
Learn more at selahcenter.org. Read Selah’s blog, “Here & Now,” on WordPress here-and-now-blog.com


Wondrous Light through Advent and Christmas
Reflections: A journey through Lent into Easter

Look for them on Amazon.

We Are Selah is available in paperback, hardcover, and kindle on Amazon.

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